Question about the kempa leo

2021.12.06 17:38 cedricsle Question about the kempa leo

Is it any good? I've heard lots of good things about it but never played with it myself so I don't know if it's actually good
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2021.12.06 17:38 synninnin Anyone found any forums or message boards about this game to discuss mechanics, strategy, FAQ's?

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2021.12.06 17:38 bmwvx Major lethal car crash

sorry for the small video there was a problem exporting
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2021.12.06 17:38 CrayonPolice Where did Jesus get his last name?

Where did he get it from? I'm not christian and never read through the bible - just curious. Because God doesn't have a given name, right? Was it Mary's last name?
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2021.12.06 17:38 Alpra_Creem BITO, the BTC futures ETF, is down 25% since being launched less than two months ago!

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2021.12.06 17:38 Japatin_ Some screenshots of my survival base (2000+ days in game)

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2021.12.06 17:38 60TP A man walks into the checkout with cooking ingredients and some parts to fix his car.

He was then charged for a salt and battery.
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2021.12.06 17:38 LogDNAOfficial Announcing Our Series D, Led by NightDragon

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2021.12.06 17:38 thedanlly Alexa gaytan

Alguien tiene el nuevo video de alexa gaytan?
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2021.12.06 17:38 Billy_Shark Completely shocked by next Gen FIFA

I played FIFA 22 on PS4 until today as I was lucky enough and finally got a PS5. I am in Div 1 and finish WL at 14-6, so I am quite ok (never failed playoffs, mostly finish 6-1 and give away 2).
Here‘s my point: Next gen Online is terrible in comparison to PS4. Just finished my first 3 games on rivals and in every match I conceded one goal from the corner glitch and several far distance finesse shots. I am completely in disbelief. This did not happen once on PS4 although I played roughly 300 games. Is this normal? If so, that game is completely broken I am seriously thinking about playing at least WL on the PS4. The next gen version is the old gen version on crack which distances it even more from the „football simulation“ it‘s ought to be.
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2021.12.06 17:37 doulikejazz69 Need friends for gifts

3756 7618 3476
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2021.12.06 17:37 jmbrr2902 Excited for snow

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2021.12.06 17:37 MattBO2001 20[M4F] UK/Online Searching for something real and genuine

Hey, Im Matt. Im a singer songwriter and guitarist. I also sometimes rap, but not as much as I'd like. Im looking to find something serious, long term and real with proper goals set out. Im also into mechanics, gaming, tattoos, going for walks, the paranormal and exploring old abandoned buildings and houses.
My favourite bands are Linkin Park, Blue October, Green Day, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Audioslave, Fort Minor, Jay Z, Grey Daze, The Longshot, Meat Puppets, and loads more besides. My favourite car, and one I want to restore is a 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1. My favourite PC game is Dont Be Afraid and a place Id love to visit is Chernobyl.
Im 6'1, short blonde hair, blue eyes and I have 2 tattoos. Ill send a photo once you do. I dont really care how you look, but I do have a soft spot for goths, scene/emo girls, girly girls and alt girls. Theyre just for bonus points I guess, I much prefer to find someone with a good personality that I can connect with. I want someone who knows what she wants, has a good plan, isnt gonna cheat or mess around. As I said before, I want to build something long term.
I want to one day have a house, something we can both be proud of. Music is always gonna be something big for me, Im currently working towards a record deal. I want to have a lil studio room, you could have a room for whatever it is you have passion or interest with. A nice homely setting. Im not fussed about having kids, but I do want a lifelong partner.
So, tell me about you. I wanna know all about what makes you happy, what makes you smile, what makes you excited. I want to have such a free flowing relationship where we can talk about any interest and not feel like were being annoying. I want to know all about what you love too so I can buy thoughtful gifts for birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries.
But please make an effort with your message. Im not looking for some quick fling or some feel good chat, I want to build something real and genuine with someone, and if you want that too youll put effort in. Thank you, talk soon.
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2021.12.06 17:37 AttractivePoosance I got a bonus stump with my Christmas tree cake

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2021.12.06 17:37 Zacny_Los Co z tą INFLACJĄ? Rozdawnictwo a inflacja

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2021.12.06 17:37 Gunnerloco86 Zeit Artikel

Könnte jemand diesen Artikel bitte hier posten?

Vielen Dank
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2021.12.06 17:37 Dsg1695 If you owe money with unemployment, would that balance be due once you file taxes?

I received letter on connect portal saying I owe around 2k, I was disqualified from receiving unemployment. They let me receive unemployment, even though I quit an employer. I put that I was laid off from my previous employer (even though I quit). They disqualified me because I quit the employer before that one, even though I put that on my application from the beginning. They called me and the employer I quit before the previous one, they never asked about the employer that would make or break me though. I don’t know if it’s worth appealing, but it doesn’t make any sense. Would this be due when I file taxes?
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2021.12.06 17:37 fall4cia why is it raining blood

i have no mods installed and its happening during the day
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2021.12.06 17:37 thejoyoflex Pole position at Silverstone’s Lap of Lights

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2021.12.06 17:37 TikiWales Tk Maxx definitely knew when they put this on the shelf

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2021.12.06 17:37 Square_Ad6483 Video games and a Dick in my mouth is all I want from you!

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2021.12.06 17:37 dyl_234 Worth the Reddit?

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2021.12.06 17:37 CptOwO Lmao imagine getting mad for receiving an answer that isn't wrong

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2021.12.06 17:37 BlackSwordsManGattsu Help with This problem can’t seem to wrap my head around this one. Thanks in advance!

Link the photo of this problem :
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2021.12.06 17:37 chiken_sad Ummmm...

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