Any couples looking for a bi guy, 24yo, 140lb 5’9”, 8 inches down below, ready to just hang out or do whatever!

2021.12.06 17:24 afisherbwc Any couples looking for a bi guy, 24yo, 140lb 5’9”, 8 inches down below, ready to just hang out or do whatever!

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2021.12.06 17:24 acid_macabre [H] $100 Amazon Code [W] 75% BTC/LTC/XMR

comment then pm. going upfront for verified, otherwise you go first.
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2021.12.06 17:24 vlyoz what's something you wished 15 year old you knew?

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2021.12.06 17:24 itspizzatime2 ANTI SCAM PSA

Yo guys so today i got scammed like a fucking idiot. I got contacted by a guy who looked to be a somewhat high tier trader with an expensive inventory (several unusal taunts, unusual hats , etc.) looking to trade for some of my stuff. All was well until he asked me to let a 3rd guy authenticate the items up for trade giving me some bullshit story about getting scammed with duped items. Well long story short i end up sending my stuff to the guy to get authenticated like a fucking fool even though i felt the scam coming. Well the 3rd guy tells me that my items are apparently scuffed/have an error code and that i should buy some keys off a website for 30 euros to somehow fix this. This was the point where finally had enough and told the guy to fuck off withh his scams. This led to him threatening to delete my entire steam account but i told him to fuck right off.
Tl;dr i got scammed because some guy insisted on authenticating the items up for trade. If someone with a high tier inventory approaches you eith something like this go right ahead and report them and block them and tell them to fuck off.
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2021.12.06 17:24 beamer159 Calculating the distance from Seyda Neen to Balmora, by road

Let's calculate how far Balmora is from Seyda Neen, by road.
The game The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard came with a paper bound booklet called The Pocket Guide to the Empire, 1st Edition. This guide contains the following:

On a clear day (an exceedingly rare event), the peak [of Red Mountain] can be seen from Almalexia, 250 miles to the south.
Almalexia is another name for the city of Mournhold. With this 250-mile reference, let's get this scaled on an official map.
Mournhold to Red Mountain
From the picture, we know that 250 miles is "17.5 feet" on this map. This calculates to 14.29 miles per foot. Let's now measure some distances within Vvardenfell.
Morrowind Map - Vivec to Ald'ruhn and Sadrith Mora
From Vivec to Ald'ruhn is "6.65 feet" (95 miles) and from Vivec to Sadrith Mora is "11 feet" (157.1 miles). Let's measure the same distances using the game map.
Game Map - Vivec to Ald'ruhn and Sadrith Mora
From Vivec to Ald'ruhn is "119 feet" and from Vivec to Sadrith Mora is "134 feet". Before continuing, let's check how accurate the Morrowind map seems to be. Assuming Vivec-Sadrith Mora measurements are correct, this calculates to 1.173 miles per foot on this game map. Assuming Vivec-Ald'ruhn measurements are correct, this calculates to 0.798 miles per foot on this game map. Clearly there is a discrepancy, so to keep things simple, let's use the average of these two calculations: 0.986 miles per foot on this game map. Now, let's measure the road distance from Seyda Neen to Balmora.
Seyda Neen to Balmora via Roads
Walking distance from Seyda Neen to Balmora is "76 feet", or 74.9 miles. Per D&D travel rules of 24 miles per day, it would take about 3 days to walk from Seyda Neen to Balmora.
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2021.12.06 17:24 Random_Loaf What do you think Karens will be like when the current generation grows up?

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2021.12.06 17:24 Myconaut88 Rollie Pollie Eggs! Found these lil guys under a stump.

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2021.12.06 17:24 0stargirl0 Buddhist Philosophy

Has anyone taken Buddhist Philosophy with Bertnson? I'm considering taking it next semester and I wanna know if its easy or has a heavy workload
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2021.12.06 17:24 Livid-Tea8426 Where can I sleep?

Hey, I live in Sweden, Uppsala. I have to get away from my home for a few days because of reasons I don't want to disclose. I don't want help from authorities so please do not comment that. I was wondering where I could find a place to sleep. How do I do this? It's freezing temperatures outside and I don't want to sleep outside. I can't use card because it will be traceable. Where can I go and pay with cash or just sleep? Urgent advice needed thanks!
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2021.12.06 17:24 OriginalJellyfish850 AITA for ruining my friendship over a joke?

ok so this happened around a week ago, a bit of backstory first. ive had a friend for about 8 years now (F) so 1 day as i was walking around the field, F came up to me and said OP why are you gay (as a joke)so i retorted "what would be wrong with that if i was" im not btw and he replied "everythinng"so i said"well if your gonna make homophobic comments and jokes then i dont wanna be friends with you"and we havent talked since so AITA

im 12 btw if that matters
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2021.12.06 17:24 Guard-Flashy Should I transfer?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately on transferring to a closer DS near me. I’ve worked for a year now with my place but lately I haven’t been happy. Applied for ambassador in late September and many others got chosen over me. I didn’t even received a yes or no if I got it. Then I just again feel like the underdog. I’ve learned problem solve, but yet again I feel as if I am overlooked like I have been in my previous jobs. I don’t feel the same enthusiasm my managers once gave to me. Honestly I’m sticking it out for their career choice program but other than that I do plan to leave. But before I start working on that I am not sure whether to transfer.
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2021.12.06 17:24 ooffilip Potassium👍

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2021.12.06 17:24 ahhbrownbear [19m] [friendship] [relationship] bisexual loner at uni trynna make connections :)

[19m] [friendship] [relationship] bisexual loner at uni trynna make connections :)
hey all! I'm a 19 y/o queer dude at uni. it's my first year and I've virtually made no friends the entire first term the internet I turn!
I'm open to talking to anyone! id love to talk to other lgbtq+ individuals, but I don't mind if you aren't. just please no homopobia!
I'm really into music and can talk about music foreverrrr, so if that's your jam don't be afraid to hmu! i also play video games like:

im open to playing other things, im kinda newer to gaming :) but yeah! i know I seem a little boring but I genuinely want to make friends sooo, yeah. i hope to hear from you!
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2021.12.06 17:24 Guardian_boi The strategy of simply not giving a shit

I'll keep it quick since I think you know what I mean. If you know you feel better and get more things done while on NoFap, and feel like shit when you bust, then why are you still focusing on the urges. Just don't worry about that. Keep that at a distance, and continue with your life
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2021.12.06 17:24 BeautyBat13 Anyone else re-reading the entire series?

I first read the books about 10 years ago when I was 15 and now at 25 I’m loving them even more. (:
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2021.12.06 17:24 HeyHyrule LF drifloon to complete dex, touchtrade

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2021.12.06 17:24 Hellocattty Confusing Foster Dog

I'm hoping to get some possible insight on my current foster dog. I've been fostering and adopting dogs for eleven years and she's the most confusing dog (with other dogs) that I've ever had. I've had her for five months already and I really need to get her adopted.
She is (approximately) 1.5 years old and she's a 55 lb bulldog mix. The only info we (myself and the rescue) have on her is that she was used for breeding and then dumped at a rural shelter where she sat for three months. She was days away from euth, but some women in the area advocate for shelter dogs and got her out and connected her to the rescue she's with now. They said she loves other dogs and had husky friends at the shelter.
I started fostering her and two weeks later she had an app from a couple with a male Rhodesian Ridgeback around her age who likes other dogs, very social. The couple brought him to my house and we let them off leash in my yard. That didn't go well. He gently sniffed her face and she went off on him. She didn't bite, but she snapped. Then she did it again. They decided against adopting (for obvious reasons).
Since then, she has reacted to other dogs on leash if they get too close. She will lunge and snap. BUT. It's not every dog, there's no pattern. I've been working on her leash skills for months now and she's improving. We always cross the street, always avoid others dogs. Overall, walking her is easy. She doesn't flip out at the sight of another dog. She's easy to redirect.
She's been ambushed by three off leash dogs since I got her. Weirdly, she didn't react at all. She didn't seem happy, just kind of neutral. Also, she's friendly through a fence. In fact she has "friends" (dogs in their yards) on our walking route that she encounters almost daily and she's always happy to see them.
I did a socialization assessment with two dogs at a training facility and she was overall just weird with them. The dogs were in kennels, while she was loose, and she would walk up to them and stare but not do much else. Her body language was NOT "play with me" but it was also not "I hate you."
I have never experienced this before and I feel like I need to figure this out in order for her to get adopted. I'm honestly worried that it will never happen-and I'm in Chicago. Tons of people here!
Speaking of, she LOVES people. All people. Prefers men, in fact. She is the friendliest dog I've ever had. I want her to succeed but I feel like this is a puzzle I can't solve.
Any advice would be great!
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2021.12.06 17:24 Kevcon555 Weird occurrence past 2 months I can’t figure out

Hi Reddit,
So in August I [24M] started working full time in an office that is about a 45 minute drive away. It’s been fine and all, but the past 2 months on the way home I get these sort of “panic attacks” about halfway through the drive until I am home. What that entails is all of a sudden my breath feels short, my throat feels tight, my heart races, my hands become cold and clammy, and overall I feel like I am going to pass out. About 2 months ago is when it started and it used to be a 50/50 chance of whether it would occur or not, but the past 2 weeks it has been guaranteed every single time when I drive home. It’s at the point where I am scared to drive home/I don’t want to leave the office because I know what’s going to happen on the drive back. The second I am home and out of the car, it goes away within 5 minutes.
Background info that could be important to consider: 1. I have never had any sort of trauma driving and nothing even remotely close to it 2. I have pretty bad acid reflux/GERD. However I thought maybe it was that and took Zantac and Tums right before I drove and it didn’t help 3. It is only on the way back, never on the way there (??) 4. I have high blood pressure (nothing severe but definitely higher than average) 5. I have had a history of anxiety however there is nothing on my mind or bothering me at the moment (besides this lol) and my anxiety is pretty mild overall 6. I am prescribed to Adderall 40mg IR (which I’ve been taking long before this started)
Nothing in my life has changed to make me think as to why this is happening so if you guys have any thoughts of what could be causing it and more importantly suggestions I’m willing to try a lot to stop this.
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2021.12.06 17:24 SuccessfulOperation Looks like PragerU's latest "why I left the left" star Karlyn Borysenko got cancelled by the woke right for her "Hitler went to heaven" take

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2021.12.06 17:24 thespasticmoose glitchtale has come so far since 2016

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2021.12.06 17:24 jobsinanywhere Study shows how the pandemic impacted blood pressure

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2021.12.06 17:24 Aggravating-Iron5766 Over processed hair, trying CGM . Need help with products. Using Shea moisture co wash, conditioner and leave in conditioner and mop top gel.

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2021.12.06 17:24 Its-Your-Boy-Mayo Working for Friends

I started nannying when I had to quit my job earlier this year, I had lost daycare and couldn’t afford a new center. I budgeted for $500 a month as this met what I needed to pay my bills and have $100 left over.
The issue I’m having is, one mom misses paying me for weeks at a time and the other started paying me only $100/wk for her newborn.
I don’t know how to one, tell the one mom missing payment I can’t watch her kid if she can’t pay me consistently and two, how do I tell the other friend I need them to pay at least $150/wk.
I’m bad at boundaries and I don’t want to lose friendship over this but I’m getting put in a hard spot. My thwrap suggested writing a contract but would that be crappy for me to do?
Any advise helps.
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2021.12.06 17:24 Enough_Stranger750 Adesso basta

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2021.12.06 17:24 lymeisreal Cavitations

I’m curious if anyone here has had cavitation surgery?
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