Unlocking need zones

2021.12.06 18:06 Razerclaww Unlocking need zones

Does anyone know how to unlock every need zone on an entire map effectively? I can see there is a lot of zones that I still need for every animal.
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2021.12.06 18:06 Keera_Shiro Just a cat playing with luftschlangen…

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2021.12.06 18:06 adelinny Imagen

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2021.12.06 18:06 dr_robb Hi! I'm Dr. Robb. I wrote a book called the Cannabis Grower's Handbook with Ed "The Guru of Ganja" Rosenthal. Join us this Friday, Dec. 10th, from 11a to 2p PT for our Reddit AMA hosted on /r/MicroGrowery. Talk soon!

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2021.12.06 18:06 hic089 Help with mortgage letter details

In a bit of a pickle here - I have my condo closing in a few days, and the builder is asking for the purchase price of the condo to be included in the mortgage letter.
I already have the conditional approval letter but it does not mention the purchase price, and the bank says they do not provide such info on the letter, only the max mortgage amount + term + interest etc.
I have the purchase agreement and other supplemental information (down payment, receipts etc) but the builder is being a d*** and is asking for it to be included in the letter.
Is it standard practice for banks to include the purchase price on a mortgage letter? Any suggestions please.
Thank you
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2021.12.06 18:06 abhimanyu_ Is renting a flat in a building which is mostly ex council a good idea?

I am new to the city so not much familiar with the concept of council/social housing here. I was looking for apartments and found one which I find satisfactory in an area I really liked(St John's Wood). While researching about the building I realised 20% of the flats in the building are rented out by council. The building seemed fine and clean so I didn't realise this during the apartment visit and paid the holding deposit. I am not sure if my agent was supposed to make this clear or not.
I am a bit confused now. On one hand I like the flat, it is near a tube station in a very good area. I looked at the local crime stats on https://crystalroof.co.uk/ and they come out really low. It is like 2/10 on crime and surprisingly has largely affluent households with median income of 55k+. I am not even sure how an (ex)council block can even have such high income stats. But on the other hand, I hadn't heard great things about blocks of (ex)council housing.
I am not sure what to do here, I am fine with losing the holding deposit. So my question is, is it safe to rent a flat in a mostly ex council block?
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2021.12.06 18:06 Prestigious_Page_645 What are some good countries to be a tax resident of?

I am taxed at 25% on capital gains in theory but there are regular tax amnesties so I am taxed at 1% in reality. I am not obligated to declare my foreign assets. I'm not obligated to file a tax return unless I earn from a local business activity.
This is a good deal but I'm looking for alternative countries.
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2021.12.06 18:06 SODOM-1973 Look at this awesome shot of my first Theory11 deck. Im so impressed by the quality of these things!

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2021.12.06 18:06 EverydayCent [H] Shiny Mew/Deoxys/Genesect & Darkrai (Pogo) [W] Paypal

I can do bulk deals if multiple Pokémon are purchased.
*custom proof is provided
Current Available Shiny Mythicals

Current Available Shiny Legends Each is 12$
3 or more each becomes 10$.
(Gen 1)
(Gen 2)
(Gen 3)
(Gen 4) - (Updated)
(Gen 5)
Let me know what you need!
| All Pokémon are guaranteed authentic, shiny, and proof of transfer is included, I can even transfer it directly into your account for o.t and i.d! |
[Reference] (https://www.reddit.com/pokemonexchangeref/comments/ncm867/ueverydaycents_exchange_reference/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)
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2021.12.06 18:06 hu_wi Map of the Republic of Rio Grande in the 1800s [OC]

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2021.12.06 18:06 OprahsBoyfriend [Feldman] OU’s Jamar Cain is expected to join Lincoln Riley’s staff at USC

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2021.12.06 18:06 AfraidDepartment I'm transferring colleges as a sophomore next semester. AMA

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2021.12.06 18:06 fennel_cartwright What are the best "hard skill(s)" to level up my Liberal Studies MA & extensive customer service background with in current job market? Should I pursue more schooling, or utilize online education?

Hey everyone,
I am fortunately well equipped with "soft skills," but in the "hard skills" department, my CV is sorely lacking. I have worked in customer service (retail/buying) jobs for close to 15 years, and have two arts oriented degrees (BMusic, MA in Liberal Studies).
I have been advised that I need to level up "hard skills" via some online courses. I began a data science course through Udemy recently, which was great, but I began wondering whether this was a good use of my time, as I have zero experience in programming/data science and whether I could choose a more applicable and personally skill, or set of skills instead.
I would love to at least partially build upon my two degrees, but I know I just two of the least employable degrees under the sun.
Having already spent many years (and dollars) in the school system, I am sort of keen to try another route via online courses and jump into the job market that way. From your experience, what are some skill areas that are at least tangentially related to my studies that could make me more employable? Stats, research methodologies? I have a lot of experience reading, writing, editing and researching in the academic world, but not in the professional world.
Should I just suck it up and pursue another (more employable) MA/Graduate Diploma in a "hard skill" oriented field? Something like Counselling Psychology? Human Resources?
I would love to get involved with work outside sales/customer service, but am really struggling to find a path.
Thank you all for your time.
- Luke
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2021.12.06 18:06 Previous-Giraffe-962 Can anyone help me out with my three kingdoms final essay. Willing to pay $$$

Hate to ask this but I am so overwhelmed with school and health problems. The essay is due in two weeks.
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2021.12.06 18:06 Steedy Picked up the keys to our first flat to find two severe leaks

Me and my partner completed on our first flat today, it’s been a lot of scrimping and saving to get here.
As soon as we walked in there were two quite severe leaks, seemingly caused by problems with the building, maybe caused by recent storms.
The leaks have / are potentially causing damage to our property.
I have managed to contact the management company who are responsible for the building and communal areas and they are hopefully going to sort it.
It is potentially bad enough to stop us living there until it is sorted.
The insurance for the building goes through the lease or management company, and we are yet to start any additional insurance.
I guess I am just looking for advice on how I might be able to proceed?
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2021.12.06 18:06 Gelof_a [Question ]How long have you been drawing?

Just choose your option! :)
View Poll
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2021.12.06 18:06 Valentine_Zombie Help Me Find Descendants Evie Leather Jacket in Adult Size!!

A friend of mine wants the purple leather jacket that Evie wears in descendants, but there is no jacket that fits medium, or any adult size. I understand that this is a children's show, but the jacket would mean a lot to her. Even a really similar jacket would do the trick!
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2021.12.06 18:06 Throwaway__5929 I like women that are chubby

As a guy who is 6'0 and very into fitness you'd expect me to be into fit women because im fit myself but Im honestly more attracted to girls who are a bit chubby!
Yeah I might be lean, muscular with abs that are pretty visable but I need a soft chubby girl so badly!
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2021.12.06 18:06 ZackClimet Rip Gabriel Agreste

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2021.12.06 18:06 WaBearUltra Since we all have had some time, what is everyone’s favorite load out for their car?

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2021.12.06 18:06 Inside_Highway_2286 How do I help this little guy shed? (info in the comments)

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2021.12.06 18:06 backclock Reconnecting Through Halo Infinite

Hey Spartans!
I just wanted to share my experience so far. I have had an Xbox one for the longest time and recently got the Series X. My whole gaming experience changed when Halo Infinite came out. I've been reconnecting with old friends, meeting new friends and getting my friends who are not gamers into gaming because of this game. On the Xbox one, you could count on one hand how many times I partied up with friends for a game including with Halo 4 and 5. But on the X, and with Halo Infinite, i party up everyday and lost count. This game really helped me reconnect with people and I'm having the best experience I had while gaming.
If anyone wants to join me, DM me and I'll share my gamertag.
Let's finish the fight, Spartans.
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2021.12.06 18:06 TenchuTheWolf Testing of Bow Mechanics, Draw Times, Reload/Nock Speed, Perfect Draws (etc)

There is a lot of confusion around bows. There's been some long term misinformation specifically around Archer's Tempo, and a lack of clarity on mechanics that modify reload speed. I've done a ton of testing to help try and clarify how things work. (There is yet more testing but it is grindy)
I've generally operated by working across multiple bows and multiple draw times to gather as much information as possible by comparison to see how behaviors between perks.
I want to start some of these clarifications by saying that Archer's Tempo does not set a bow's draw speed to 440ms. It reduces it by roughly 30% of it's Listed Draw Time, and about 22-25% of it's Minimum Draw Time.
What I mean by Listed Draw Time vs Minimum Draw Time, is that there is also a window of forgiveness of draw time that you can drop from the Listed Draw Time, and still hit Perfect Draw damage on targets. I have not had time to do full confidence testing for all draw times, but here is a table with rough values:

Listed Draw Time: Minimum Draw Time: Minimum Draw w/ Tempo:
540 505 377
576 550 415
612 578 430
648 612 465
684 630 477
720 660 510
1328 (Leviathan's Breath) 1215 (Should Be Like 930?)
The amount of the draw time that you can drop appears to be generally related to how long the overall draw time is. The longer the draw time the more forgiveness is there.
Reload / Nock / Aftercast Animation:
Interestingly enough, nock speed is generally longer than draw time by a fair bit at average reload speed values. (Wolftone's base is 45) This is probably why you really feel it on a bow like Tyranny of Heaven that has an abysmal base reload speed (28, oof).
That being said draw time and reload speed will both in combination affect your overall chain fire speed, which is why Archer's Tempo + Frenzy feels damn good because you're hitting both of the animation times.
I did some tests among several different Wolftones of different draw times and found that there is no apparent connection between the Draw Time and the Nock Speed. (The aftercast will be the same length if your roll is 720 or 576 listed draw on the same precision)
I could not get any clear decrease in the aftercast time frame when stacking multiple reload buffs, but here's the rough numbers I got down to per buff:
Frenzy Performs roughly on par with Impulse Amplifier, but Impulse Amplifier is up all the time. That is not to say you would ever pick Impulse over Tempo (on Wolftone) unless it is a super specific scenario e.g. (You want a very consistent draw feel from your bow and you're not trying to learn varied draw times for a PvP bow roll.) You may also want that short draw velocity boost on the arrow for clean up kills, this is a very nice feature for skilled bow play.
Bow Loader grants the highest for one, but not as much for two, this is consistent with all other loader stacking behavior, the unclear behavior that I haven't able to pinpoint exactly why is that Bow Loaders don't seem to provide the same amount of benefit to the total reload/nock as other loaders for other weapons.
My best guess is that the total aftercast animation includes a recoil from firing and then the nock animation together (e.g. the recoil duration might be 550ms (ish) and the reload is 400ms (ish) and the loader only can reduce part of that animation. It's the only thing that would make sense as to why the Loader only removes that little of the duration, unless bow loaders have separate scalers/bonuses associated with them.)
Stability's Affect on Perfect Drawtime Hold Window:
It's pretty minimal. I ran a test on two 612 Drawtime Biting Winds with a difference of 23 Stability (44 - 67) to see how long the draw time could be held before losing perfect draw damage and got a difference of 1,167ms from 1,100ms. It's really not a lot of gain for the perk cost that grants those flat stats.
There's a lot here that could technically still be tested across bows, and draw times, but unless stability receives a stronger function I don't see a ton of value in focusing heavily on this aspect of bows at the moment.
Summary / Notes:
Archer's Tempo is the most valuable third column perk on bows, with sparse competition in the current sandbox. It provides the highest draw time benefit (30%-ish decrease), and unless you're shooting at exclusively Shanks, is pretty easy to chain proc. It is not a set value, that would be hard to balance across archetypes for Devs.
I would love to see this space open up with more competitive perks and options for bows. A teissue of Archer's Gambit on an Adept bow would be neato, though they might have to nerf it since Archer's Gambit is bonkers.
Maybe some other cool perks like a stack three precision shots for a huge explosion or an ambitious assassin type bow perk that nocks two arrows on your next draw after kill, that fire at the same time.
I would love to see buffs generally to bow strings, as the combination of the right string and drawtime masterwork can dramatically change whether or not the bow feels good to fire. To me this is either offering more general drawtime decreases across strings, or Impact increases. Like if I'm being punished to exist in the same timeline as High Tension String, bow's unfortunate enough to roll it should just one shot champions, gods, plot devices.
No one should have to suffer that string.
Nock/Recoil Time as a stat under Draw Time on bows would be a really nice stat to have clarify on in game for communication of mechanic's sake. I would generally prefer that all of the tooltips and features in the games provided numerical details for their functions, but that's probably not an easy ask/fix.
Stability isn't technically useless just practically.
Bonus Notes:
If you like the way a bow feels, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I like faster bows because they feel good to fire, but a slow firing bow can feel great if the carrot explodes into a bunch of tiny poisonous carrots that get in your opponent's eyes and cause them to lose their trials match.
That being said if you are curious what types of rolls I personally pursue you can refer to this sheet with the current roster of available not-sunset bows.
Bungie Please reissue Spiteful Fang ;\;)
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2021.12.06 18:06 PR1SMA_ How can I speak more clearly?

As the title already says, I dont always speak clearly. Sometimes its fine but sometimes I just cant so family/friends/people ask me three or four times what I've just said. With some words I feel like I have a barrier in my head while others are fine. Its really important for me to speak clearly since people base their opinion on the way you talk. Does anybody here have experiences with this and knows where it could come from, or even better, how to deal with it?
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2021.12.06 18:06 FcoLucero Mage's outfit looks like grandma's sleeping robe

I wanted to start a new game, this time as a mage, however, even though my character's aesthetics are not that important to me when it comes to videogames, a beige sleeping robe really ruined it to me. I can't be a mage, not like that. Am I being to picky?
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