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Bebe is spicing up Christmas with an album!

2021.12.06 17:11 iymcool Bebe is spicing up Christmas with an album!

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2021.12.06 17:11 ShortAlgo $HSTO Watching closely for a Spike with HSTO

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2021.12.06 17:11 friendswithmaryjane Figting the Mondays with Wanderful Bra in Ultra Violet and my holy grail, Black IM's.

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2021.12.06 17:11 dirrtyremixes VA - Beatport November Top 10 Hype Best Sellers Melodic House & Techno

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2021.12.06 17:11 AustralianChrono Virtual Drag Race All Winners 2: Episode 8- The 2nd All Winner's Award Extravaganza Lip Sync

Sophie Struts the runway in a golden sleek dress.
I’m Sophie Srs, and this is ALL WINNERS!
Fatima, do you remember the OG awards?
“Oh, who won those?” Fatima smirks.
Fatima cackles.
For this week’s Maxi Challenge, Our Monarchs will be giving us an award show in the VDR Awards and giving us Pure Gold Everywhere on the Runway. Now, Start your engines... and ... May the best Monarch… win!
Category is… Pure Gold Everywhere.
Bussy Phillips struts out in a gold painted skin, long golden hair dripping in jewels, and a massive grecian goddess ballgown. She’s stoned, glitter and golden- and clearly, this is the best she’s looked in ages.
Sakuya Kuromi shines in a bleeding gold look- atop her head is a pot of molten gold, as if someone had thrown liquid gold upon her head. Her body is covered is scorch marks, burns and splashes of gold, as she walks down the runway in a tight golden down that perfectly fits her body.
Dandi Lionne walks out in a golden Lion look- dressed like a Lion dripped in Gold, Dandi struts out in a fiery passion. Each and every footstep is dramatic, powerful… and Dandi!
Grace Bones arrives in a dress made of four bones, forming a short dress dipped in gold. On her head is a simple ‘Splash’ of Gold, as if splash had made the way upon her head.
Insyirah Jalang walks out in a golden maxi dress, each layer surrounded by little ‘Golden Butterflies’ as she glitters through the stage.
Whoreticia has taken a page out of the Serpentine-Blac's book this week, digging deep into her horror roots to create one of her most complex looks so far. Beause she isn't just golden - she's a dragged up version of a golden dragon, complete with the reptilian illusion, red eyes, and golden scales going all down her body. Good luck getting any of the gold from her hoard.
Huntress Harubani shines in a lit up christmas tree- forming a dramatic ethereal dress, dipped in gold. Around her are various ornaments, of all shapes and sizes- looking straight out of the most exciting christmas store in the city.
Archangel St Frostfur struts out in a tight metallic golden corset, with a fluffy fringe esque bunch of feathers forming the ‘Skirt’. Upon her head is a helmet with golden wings upon her head- and as she takes it off, her long gold hair hits the floor, glittering like a star.
Jess Deadly smirks as she spins through the stage in a golden mini dress, with a Grecian vibe and golden sandals, accessories and jewels. Not much clothes, but a lot of flair.
Fame Fontaine spins into the stage in a golden gown, dressed like a Russian Royal. Every inch of her is stoned, diamonds and shining. She smiles, touching her massive golden updo… and walking with grace and beauty like never before.
“Welcome to the Drag Race Awards!” Bussy Phillips waves. “Dedicated to the art of being a person who’s career in Theatre didn’t work, so you thought “Why not this?”

”The Winner of Ms Fashion…” Grace Bones grins. “Is our very own HUNTRESS!”
“I-“ Huntress gasps. “Thank you for making me feel loved, and still seeing me as a fashion icon.”

“Now, up next.” Insyirah frowns. “Oh, I forgot my award envelope backstage. Can someone..?”
“Oh let’s just give up and realise I WON best Villain.” Robin Steele cackles. “You already know it; so just clap for me.”
Everyone claps while Insyirah sighs.

“Who’s the Comedy Icon?” Dandi smirks. “Me? Oh. FRAGGOT?!”
Fraggot laughs manically in an IT costume, cartwheeling through the stage to land in front of Dandi.
“What the fuck.” Dandi exhales.

“Oh, our Ms Hero. Is my- my Uhm.” Jess smiles. “My sister, Fame Fontaine!”
Fame walks up to the podium nervous. “Thank you.” She nods, walking away.
“That’s it?” Fatima turns to Sophie.

“So, our best lip syncer.” Sakuya smirks. “Cleary, I know LOT about a lip syncing well…”
Sophie laughs.

“Now the Question, what is our best FIGHT?” Whoreticia smirks. “Moutya, please don’t walk out of this room right now!”
Moutya smirks, strutting to the podium.
“I will NEVER forgive you, Sophie for what you have done to my daughter.” Moutya glares… grabs her trophy, then winks, strutting off the stage.
Sophie looks confused.

“Best LIPSYNC.” Fame gets very loud, into the mic. “Is…” She begins to whisper. “J… V Ir..”
Say it AGAIN!
“Jess v Iris.”
Jess and Iris strut forward, hand in hand.
“Give this bitch another shot.” Jess smirks.
“Oh, I’d be ready to risk it all.” Iris winks.

“Our best challenge, babes…” Angel tosses her hair. “Goes to MARGE; the Musical!”
Omega runs up the stage dressed as big boob marge.
“I want to dedicate this win to BOOBS, everywhere!” Omega bows.

“Our final category of the night.” Bussy nods. “Which is probably a good thing, considering some of these bombs, is… SEASON 17, ASIA 2!”
The cast of Season 17 strut forward.
“I’d like to say-“ Insyirah nods.
Mei Wakuna grabs Insyirah’s mic.
First up, Dandi.
“Reow.” Dandi smirks.
Dandi, I expected you to do well. And you did.
Dandi nods.
I think you delivered, it was fun, it was campy… overall, you did well.
“I do agree. But I also felt like you kinda… played it up at times. You were a bit too cocky, and I’d have loved it if you had more of a connection… with others.” Fatima says.
“Interesting feedback, sure.” Dandi nods.
Jess Deadly.
“G’Day.” Jess smirks.
Jess, you seemed not quite on the right grip of this challenge.
Jess nods.
For me it was just, the nerves. I could see them, and I didn’t love it.
“Yeah, I get it.” Jess agrees.
“I think you have the skills; here. But you just let yourself hit the mark in a less successful way.” Fatima frowns.
Jess nods.
Bussy Phillips!
“Hey hey.” Bussy grins.
“This week, B… you had me charmed.” Fatima grins.
“Woohoo!” Bussy laughs.
“It was really just- you were there, you were delivering, and it was SO, so charming.” Fatima smiles.
Agreed. This is what you do, and do well.
“Thank you.” Bussy nods.
Insyirah Jalang.
Insyirah bows.
Insyirah… what happened tonight?
“I…” Insyriah frowns.
I felt like you just didn’t meet the mark. And you let yourself get so nervous, that god- it well and truly showed.
“I don’t know what it was- I think you’re a really talented Queen, but you just… were not able to grasp what I needed to see.” Fatima says.
“I see.” Insyirah nods.
Sakuya Kuromi.
“Hiya.” Sakuya smiles.
Sakuya, this week- you were on IT, girl!
“I was?”
You were. It was fun, it was entertaining- it gave everything I needed, and I felt like finally- you were in control of your narrative.
Sakuya nods.
“This felt like your moment, truly. Well done.” Fatima smiles.
“Thank you.” Sakuya beams.
Finally, Ms Fame.
“Yo.” Fame winks.
Fame, you did… yikes.
Fame sighs. “Yeah.”
I know you were nervous, and sadly, this week it REALLY showed. You fumbled, quite hard.
“I was just… not in my element at all.” Fame tears up. “And it’s hard, because I wanted to be…?”
I know you did, and I saw the effort. However, it didn’t meet the mark- for me.
“It was your own self who got in the way, this week. I could’ve seen a lot more.” Fatima nods.
“I feel the same, for myself.” Fame sighs. “And it hurts… it damn hurts, knowing that. But I want to prove I can bounce back, and I will. Know that.” Fame nods.
Sophie smiles.
I’ve made some decisions.
Insyirah Jalang.
Fame Fontaine.
Jess Deadly.
You are the bottom three of the week. One of you will go home. You will have the opportunity to prove yourself to the Top All Stars this week.
Fame nods.
Jess Deadly: “This is an opportunity to prove what I can do. And I’m ready for it.”
You’re safe.
Dandi raises an eyebrow.
Dandi Lionne: “Safe? SAFE?”
That means Bussy Phillips and Sakuya Kuromi, Condragulations you are the top 2 of this week. You will deliberate with the bottom three... and then lip sync against your fellow racer where if you win… gain $25,000… and the ability to Chop one of the Eliminated Monarch's.
Sakuya cheers.
Bussy Phillips: “A WIN!” Bussy grins. “This feels fantastic.”
You may now deliberate.
The racers enter the werkroom.
“I won.” Sakuya smiles. “I won!”
“You did that, Ms Kuromi.” Bussy grins. “And you did it well.”
“I just had such a fun time, and I think…” Sakuya nods. “It showed.”
“Of course, we expected an Asian Icon to slay…” Angel smirks.
Dandi rolls her eyes.
“I’d love to deliberate.” Sakuya frowns. “Though, there is 3…”
“Why don’t we just do a damn group chat?” Bussy shrugs.
“I think…” Angel looks nervously. “If Insyirah…”
“Let’s just do a group chat.” Whoreticia smirks. “It works, right?”
“I think so.” Jess nods.
“I do too.” Fame agrees.
“...Sure.” Sakuya smiles.
Angel frowns.
“I’ll be honest.” Jess shrugs. “I am not the Queen with the best record, but i’ve fought for this. I will continue to fight hard- and I have always been a queen of honesty, truth, integrity- and a passion for DRAG. And I want to fucking prove it.”
Bussy nods.
“I admire the integrity and truth behind your statement.” Grace nods.
“You need to convince them…” Angel turns to Insyirah.
“I… believe I have proven myself a Queen of Grace, talent and ability, and I believe that I have the skills- the need to stay. I want to prove myself, show what I can do and… I have to be here. I need to.” Insyirah nods.
“You did pick me last week.” Bussy looks at Insyirah.
“Yes, I did…” Insyirah says.
“I don’t hold hate in my heart. But I do believe…. Why can we trust you to play the right game?” Bussy nods. “And that is a game where the best performing… don’t get chopped.”
“As someone who does hold hate in her heart.” Dandi laughs. “How can we trust you?”
“Is this game about trust, or about talent?” Insyirah raises an eyebrow.
“Both.” Dandi grins.
“Well…” Insyirah frowns. “I need this.”
Sakuya sighs.
Sakuya Kuromi: “Insyirah is my sister. But, she isn’t selling herself… well. At all.”
“I’ll be honest.” Fame holds herself together. “This is… such an important title to me. And I wanted to prove myself, to show I could do this and…” Fame begins to tear up.
Angel rolls her eyes, looking at Sakuya.
“I need this. I’m a damn fighter, and if you let me fall, I will come back swinging. And I damn will. If this was a lip sync for my life… I’d fight, and fight fucking hard. This is the same energy.” Fame nods. “Believe that.”
“Why don’t we make it… a lip sync for our life?” Jess raises an eyebrow.
“What do you mean?” Bussy looks at Jess.
“I mean… Why don’t we swap it? Let us bottom 3… lip sync for our lives?” Jess shrugs.
“I’m up for it.” Fame nods.
“I-” Insyirah raises an eyebrow.
“I don’t think that’s within the rules, honey.” Angel interjects.
“I live for it.” Dandi smirks.
“Agreed.” Whoreticia nods.
“Well, Ms Phillips and Kuromi… you are our top 2, are you up for it?” Grace turns.
Dandi shivers.
Dandi Lionne: “Me not winning this week. Disgusting.”
“Let’s do it.” Bussy smirks.
Insyirah exhales.
“...I think so, too.” Sakuya smiles.
Angel glares.
“Well, why don’t we just ask Ms Sophie, then?” Grace nods.
“Guess I'm lip syncing for my life…” Jess smirks.
“Or Sophie’s about to send both our asses packing.” Fame cackles.
Insyirah Jalang: “I almost feel a bit bombarded by this. I just wanted to speak… and now, I must prepare. So let’s bring it.”
Welcome back, my Top 2…?
Jess Deadly struts out in a jet black bodysuit, with a pink mohawk and accents on the suit.
Fame Fontaine spins onto the stage in a sleek hot pink bodysuit, with a black pair of dreads and black accents on her suit.
Insyirah Jalang appears in a sleek pink mini dress, her hair in two buns on the top of her head.
“Soph.” Jess smirks.
What’s this about?
“We’ve gotten approval from the top 2… and we’d like to FIGHT for our own lives.” Fame nods. “In a lip sync for our lives.”
“The Top 2 have… agreed.” Insyirah nods.
You’re lucky, because I was planning a format change… anyway.
Jess and Fame grin.
FROM THIS POINT ONWARDS… The Top 2 will lip sync for their LEGACY for the title of challenge WINNER. And the bottom two, or three, or…
Will lip sync for their lives.
Bottom 3, do you want your handicap?
The three nod.
Increase the BASE.
Suddenly, the stage is full of BANGING sounds.
Insyirah Jalang, Fame Fontaine and Jess Deadly, you are up for elimination.
Prior to tonight, you were asked to prepare a lip sync performance to ‘Super Bass’ by Nicki Minaj. With EXTRA BASE.
The time has come... for you to lip sync for your LIFE!
Good luck, and don't... fuck it up.
Insyirah Jalang: “Time to show the world what I can do.”
Fame Fontaine: “I’m ready. This is it.”
Jess Deadly: “Tonight, I’m living up to my name. I’ll be fucking Deadly. An executioner.”
Bussy, Sakuya you dumb bitches. YOUR TURN.
Two Monarch’s Stand Before Me.
This is your chance to impress me to ‘Stupid Hoe’ by Nicki Minaj.
Win twenty-five thousand dollars...
And the title of WINNER this week.
Good Luck... and don't fuck it up.
Bussy Phillips: “I am… a stupid hoe. And I’m ready to show it off.”
Sakuya Kuromi: “I’m ready to give my best. This is it. Let’s go!”
Who Wins?
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2021.12.06 17:11 kulsawasamistake Toofani tasker teja
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2021.12.06 17:11 thethaosocc Bạn gái HLV Rangnick “lén” xuất hiện tại Old Trafford

Truyền thông mới đây đã phát hiện tình tiết đặc biệt trong trận đấu giữa MU vs Arsenal ở vòng 14: Đó là sự xuất hiện của bạn gái HLV Rangnick.
xem bài viết chi tiết tại:
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2021.12.06 17:11 ShortAlgo $BNR Watching closely for a Spike with on BNR

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2021.12.06 17:11 jthoning Expectations for this season

Do you think the broncos have overperfromed or underperformed so far this season or perfromed as expected?
At the beginning of the season is expected them to win between 7-9 games with a ceiling of 10. I think so far they have been about as expected. I am curious to hear your thoughts going into the last quarter of the season.
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2021.12.06 17:11 evaldez14 REPORT: Family Tracking App Life360 Is Selling Customers’ Locations To Data Brokers

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2021.12.06 17:11 yoloswagmoney33 Townhall 11+

Buying a townhall 11 or higher please PM me if anyone has one available for sale.
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2021.12.06 17:11 ShortAlgo $SOLY Watching closely for a Spike with on SOLY

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2021.12.06 17:11 ClementineMagis Safety proofing a gas stove

We are in an apartment in the US that has a gas stove.
I am generally very safety conscious of the stove and tend to check that the burners are off before I leave. However, last week my husband came home and a burner had leaked gas all day. Thankfully the windows were partially opened and our cats were OK.
It’s a basic stove with the knobs facing off the front face. It’s not impossible that we bumped a knob or a cat hit it.
I would like to find items that would reduce the gas leak potential and/or alert us via text if gas is filling the kitchen.
What have others used that has solved this problem? We will have college students staying over Christmas and I want to get anything installed by then.
Thanks for any help!
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2021.12.06 17:11 ImportanceSilver3251 Match Thread: Cagliari vs Torino | Italian Serie A

24': Cagliari 0-0 Torino Venue: Unipol Domus
Auto-refreshing reddit comments link
Alessio Cragno, Luca Ceppitelli, Andrea Carboni, Martín Cáceres, Alberto Grassi, Nahitan Nández, Razvan Marin, Dalbert, Raoul Bellanova, Keita Baldé, João Pedro.
Subs: Christian Oliva, Leonardo Pavoletti, Diego Godín, Gastón Pereiro, Charalampos Lykogiannis, Alessandro Deiola, Giorgio Altare, Boris Radunovic, Simone Aresti, Gabriele Zappa, Damir Ceter Valencia.
Vanja Milinkovic, Bremer, Alessandro Buongiorno, David Zima, Tommaso Pobega, Sasa Lukic, Mërgim Vojvoda, Ola Aina, Antonio Sanabria, Marko Pjaca, Josip Brekalo.
Subs: Magnus Warming, Etrit Berisha, Ricardo Rodríguez, Armando Izzo, Luca Gemello, Simone Zaza, Daniele Baselli, Tomás Rincón, Dennis Praet, Cristian Ansaldi.
18' Dalbert (Cagliari) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul.
Don't see a thread for a match you're watching? Click here to learn how to request a match thread from this bot.
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2021.12.06 17:11 colorfulsoul_ Apparently she had trust issues

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2021.12.06 17:11 Metamiibo Tau Hunters Kill Team

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2021.12.06 17:11 nikan69 There was a preacher who fell in the ocean and he couldn't swim. When a boat came by, the captain yelled

“Do you need help, sir?" The preacher calmly said "No, God will save me." A little later, another boat came by and a fisherman asked, "Hey, do you need help?" The preacher replied again, "No God will save me." Eventually the preacher drowned & went to heaven. The preacher asked God, "Why didn't you save me?" God replied, "Fool, I sent you two boats!"
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2021.12.06 17:11 Toru4 Anyone else's vehicle settings getting reset after every game

My jet's settings keeps resetting after every single fricken game, it also resets every other vehicle I run. It gets annoying because no one will be remembering to re-set them after every game and by the time I notice, I cant repair my jet and I get shot down
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2021.12.06 17:11 Toscrypto ‼️Major Milestone for #SolanaSail ‼️ 💰6.3M of #gsail are now under full #DAO control $sail and $gsail are now the first tokens on #Solana controlled 100% by their #Holders 💪

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2021.12.06 17:11 Trickstar_Alex Is a blackgold feral pig a rare?

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2021.12.06 17:11 marigoldengoose Magic Pen (from Gillian Jacobs' vine)

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2021.12.06 17:11 czlekoludek Hi! I made this really cute sim today so here's a few screenshots <3

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2021.12.06 17:11 WuJuBeMyEGirlUwU My Yone Drawing, Please Rate It I Spent A Lot Of Time On It

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2021.12.06 17:11 mad-wagging Deep Dive Into Ponzi, How Does Crypto Look vs The Global Banking System

Okay, I know we’re all here for a retarded Ponzi scam memecoin, but adding wrinkles is never a bad thing.
This article from January is the deepest deep dive I’ve read in a while. A super comprehensive look at what a Ponzi scheme is (both the literal definition and the broader definition) compared to Bitcoin (its origins and characteristics that have carried into the entirety of crypto). Absolutely fascinating, in-depth, and incredibly well-written.
A few excerpts:
“Bitcoin relies on the network effect, meaning a sufficiently large number of people need to view it as a good holding for it to retain its value. But a network effect is not a Ponzi scheme in and of itself.”
“…by similar logic, gold is a 5,000 year old Ponzi scheme. The vast majority of gold’s usage is not for industry; it’s for storing and displaying wealth. It produces no cash flows, and is only worth what someone else will pay for it.”
“By the broadest definition of a Ponzi scheme, the entire global banking system is a Ponzi scheme. Firstly, fiat currency is an artificial commodity, in a certain sense. A dollar, in and of itself, is just an object made out of paper, or represented on a digital bank ledger.”
“If about 20% of people were to try to pull their money out of their bank at the same time, the banking system would collapse. Or more realistically, the banks would just say “no” to your withdrawal, because they don’t have the cash. This happened to some US banks in early 2020 during the pandemic shutdown, and occurs regularly around the world. That’s actually one of the SEC’s red flags of a Ponzi scheme: difficulty receiving payments.”
“So, the monetary system functions as a permanent round of musical chairs on top of artificial government-issued commodities, where there are by far more claims on that money (kids) than money that is currently available to them (chairs) if they were to all scramble for it at once. The number of kids and chairs both keeps growing, but there are always way more kids than chairs. Whenever the system partially breaks, a couple more chairs are added to the round to keep it going. We accept this as normal, because we assume it will never end.”
“Another variation of the broader Ponzi scheme claim asserts that because Bitcoin has frictional costs, it’s a Ponzi scheme. The system requires constant work to keep it functioning. Again, however, Bitcoin is no different in this regard than any other system of commerce. A healthy transaction network inherently has frictional costs.”
“…the global fiat monetary system has frictional costs as well. Banks and fintech firms extract over $100 billion per year in transaction fees…”
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