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2021.12.06 18:50 cryptochartsbot Thoughts on $ETH #ETH! See sasanfatemi's idea on TradingView below.

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2021.12.06 18:50 bill_tb I ll pay 10$ if you can record with a fit bit watch walking 15 miles on treadmill

I ll give you my ac to sign in and record a 15 mile walk on a treadmill for 10 bucks
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2021.12.06 18:50 HuskFN_ Scanner (second mission) Help

Hello. I’m on the second mission, and died once after getting the scanner and got the glitch where I don’t see my body or bag after dying. Does this mean I have to restart the whole mission? Made a lot of progress before trying to scan the first one which would suck. I see the yellow camera outline but can’t place anything
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2021.12.06 18:50 -Rusty_spoons- We had so many- plans for the future. You won't forget, will you? Our shared past, and our. . . lost future-? (THEY JUST DESERVED TO BE HAPPYYYYY)

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2021.12.06 18:50 AdamWestsButtDouble Debbie Harry, John Waters, and Bill Murray working on songs for Waters’ 1981 film “Polyester”

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2021.12.06 18:50 whynotmepepehands Any korean players that can help me beat this boss

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2021.12.06 18:50 Veritazveir How high is the survival chances of a 5 week old pregnant guinea pig?

I (f22) bought my first two guinea pigs today, but when I was about to pick them up at the breeder she had a third one with her, and she asked if I wanted to get that third one for free (we had previously talked about how I really wanted to buy three, but since she only had two girls available I was supposed to start with just two and buy a third one later). Apparently someone had left a 5 week old guinea pig on her doorstep a couple of days ago, and left her a SMS about that it might be pregnant (they had seen her dad "jump on her and she squeeked" and didn't realize until then that it was a girl). My breeder wasn't really able to keep her, and so I decided to take care of her. When I got home my mum questioned the wellbeing of that little girl, and said it might just be better to go to the vet and get her put down so she doesn't have to suffer through the pregnancy. The breeder didn't indicate any of that.
So now I really need some advice - How painful is the whole pregnancy process for a guinea pig? How high of a risk is it that she won't make it? Even if she does make it, will she be okay afterwards or will there be any side effects since she's so young? Would you put her through it and hope she survives or would you put her down before she suffers too much?
Also any recommendations on how to care for this young pregnant girl is highly appreciated!
Tldr: I suddenly have a 5 week old pregnant guinea pig that idk if it's worth putting through the pain of pregnancy? Please help
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2021.12.06 18:50 tdzines Seattle Kraken will be sporting custom jerseys honoring Indigenous Peoples Night [IG: @foxspears]

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2021.12.06 18:50 tbendis Dora the Explorer [SP] throws three right down the middle of the box to get out of a beary situation

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2021.12.06 18:50 basicwhitegirl93 28 [f4a] looking to make new friends

Message me for my Snapchat :) Include age and gender please !
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2021.12.06 18:50 AdministrativeBid604 How is this educational for kids?

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2021.12.06 18:50 c0pley [H] Playstation+ 1 year [W] $30 PayPal

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2021.12.06 18:50 Niroth Was interested to see how the seeding for NA/EMEA ALGS worked out so I made some tables

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2021.12.06 18:50 i_slipped- I am beginning to resent my mother

I’ve posted here before. I’m 16 and i am a caregiver to my mother. I have been doing good until recently. She has started saying my step dad who does just as much as me, deserves to be worshipped, while I am getting treated like everything I do im just supposed to do. In the last hour, I have been told to clean my bathroom, which people have just been going into to ridicule me. I’ve decided after cleaning. I am going to lock it always and just carry around the little screw driver I have so people will not go in just to ridicule me. I have no problem cleaning my bathroom, but in between that I have been getting called down about every 5 minutes to help clean up for my step dad. I am not allowed to ask for a second or even ask what she needs, otherwise im being disrespectful. I recently got grounded because whilst doing stuff she asked, she called me and I asked what she needed. Im doing everything and any bit of frustration or emotion I show, im a bitch. I still constantly get told im not doing enough. Im a student as well. I will post text receipts. I do just as much as him, and I must do my best to please him and my mom. Sorry if this didn’t make sense
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2021.12.06 18:50 LastActionExpat 49ers at Seahawks PFF Defense grades

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2021.12.06 18:50 Baikeyc Gimme that venom on ps5

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2021.12.06 18:50 Rijniers When you have ToB at 4 pm & school at 5 pm

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2021.12.06 18:50 ModestParrot is gore legal in Europe?

How can this SHIT be on Reddit And not the deep web?
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2021.12.06 18:50 nuffsaidNY Sent DAI from MetaMask to my Coinbase wallet.

How long does that usually take to show up in your Coinbase wallet?
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2021.12.06 18:50 roseappleisland You deserve to visit the Planetarium. (Part 6)

[](Part 1) / [](Part 2) / [](Part 3) / [](Part 4) / [](Part 5)
Ron showed up to get us the next morning. He was idling outside in the parking lot, sipping a coffee. "What happened to your car, again?" he asked as we approached, jumping right in without saying hello like he always did.
"It's a long story," I replied, patting him on the back through the open window. "Thanks for coming to get us, man."
"No problemo. Needed to see you two with my own eyes. You must be Marina."
"It's nice to meet you," she said, shaking his hand as she slipped into the backseat.
"Likewise. So is everything I've heard on the news true?"
"Depends." I ducked into the passenger seat. Looked at Marina in the side mirror, gave her a little wink as I caught her eye.
"Well, the whole you thing with you and Tony, and a warrant out for your arrest"-
"Yeah. Let's not rehash all the gory details."
"Fair enough." Ron was the kind of person who you could trust with something like this. He was maybe the only person I could trust besides Marina. At one point, I thought Tony might fit into that category.
We rode down the road, hopping on the interstate toward Columbus. Ron was twenty-four at the time, taking care of his little sister Caitlin after my aunt and uncle died. He used to live closer to me, and we had the kind of friendship that was more like we were brothers. I saved him from a number of dumb situations he found himself in, over and over and without being asked. Ron still looked remarkably young, like a teenager really. He was small and wiry with a big grin and dressed like a California surfer even though he lived in Ohio.
Marina and Ron got along well from the start. He got her laughing, even cracked a few chuckles out of me. He always managed to do that. "You really thought I wouldn't ask any questions, man?" he asked, his tone serious all of a sudden. "You thought you'd show up here after months and I wouldn't have a single question for you? I have a ton. Like, would you rather fight a horse-sized duck or twenty duck-sized horses?"
Marina dissolved into giggles. "Clearly the horses."
"No way. They'd knock you down and stomp all over you!" Ron managed to keep a straight face while he went on about this. "It's the duck for me, man."
"I wouldn't dare go up against a giant duck and its giant bill," she insisted.
We continued like this for the duration of the drive, Ron teasing me about having a lot of questions, and then offering up another nonsensical would-you-rather. Things began to feel normal. Being in the presence of someone from my childhood grounded me. The panic and chaos of the past couple weeks started to wane. I didn't forget - I couldn't forget - but everything was fading and falling into the background.
Ron offered to make us breakfast once we got home. "Caitlin's probably sleeping in," he said.
He helped us lug our bags inside the house. It was my first time here, to the house that Ron and Caitlin's parents had left them when they were killed in the car accident years back. The neighborhood was nice, suburban, but with space between each house. Tall trees lined either side of the yard, which instinctively made me feel safer. The place was a large cape with a fenced in yard and a basketball hoop in the driveway.
"This is really nice, man," I said to Ron as we walked in through the side door. The house was clean, tidy, and suspiciously devoid of beer cans. Ron had really pulled it together. Once a partier to rival the hardest, it seemed like having to be responsible for Caitlin had been a wake-up call.
Marina looked like she might cry of relief. She put her arms around me and was smiling wide. "Thank you so much for letting us stay here, Ron," she beamed.
"Oh, of course. Mi casa es su hideout. Let me show you your room." He led us through the spacious downstairs to a guest bedroom on the far hall with a private bath. "This is your abode, for as long as you want it." He clapped a hand on my shoulder and bounded off to the kitchen to get breakfast started.
"You don't think this is Jupiter still?" Marina asked after a minute of staring out the window at the piles of leaves raked neatly on the sprawling lawn. "Everything's too good." She glanced back at me, her eyes full of tears.
"No, Mar," I took her in my arms. "We just reached the end. No more running. No more hiding. We can start fresh here."
Caitlin came running in then, giving me a huge hug. "Cousin Johnny!" She even threw her arms around Marina. "I'm so happy you guys are here." She was about sixteen now, her wavy dark hair halfway down her back.
"I can't believe how tall you are," I remarked.
"Yes, Johnny, time passed." She did a little Vogue model spin. "Ron told me you're a singer!" She turned to Marina and gushed, "I want to hear your voice. What do you like to sing? Do you know anything by Justin Bieber?"
Marina giggled. "Not really, but I could sing you something else."
I watched as they walked off together toward the kitchen, Caitlin chatting on while Marina turned back to give me a genuine smile. Her eyes carried a kind of renewed energy. I glanced around the room, at the queen sized bed and the writing desk, the massive closet and the clawfoot tub in the bathroom. We had finally made it.
About a month passed with us living the high life. We had an amazing Thanksgiving together the week after arriving, all pitching in to make a killer meal. Marina baked her tried and true pecan pie recipe, and Caitlin showed us how to make cranberry sauce from scratch. Ron got me a job at a warehouse nearby, one that didn't ask for any kind of ID and paid me under the table. I moved boxes of auto parts and filled orders on an assembly line. It wasn't much but it paid well and the boss asked no questions.
Meanwhile, Marina helped Ron with the housework. She was looking into local music stuff, but was a bit scared about actually reaching out in case someone had been following the news from back home.
Things started to go wrong as the weather turned, getting colder and brisker. A few early morning frosts left the ground hard. The daylight hours were dwindling, shrinking bit by bit. One day in mid-December I got home late from work. I had stopped off at the store to buy Marina a Christmas gift, a tennis bracelet that looked a bit like the one she had been forced to pawn. I found her in the bedroom sitting at the desk, singing a beautiful melody as she stared out at the bare trees. "What do you think about Serena?"
"What?" I asked.
"The name Serena?"
I paused at the door, wondering for a split second if she was pregnant.
"I'm thinking of going to the college radio station. They're looking for interns. I could use the name Serena."
"It's pretty," I said, and something like sadness swept over me.
"Of course, they're going to need references, and a resume, and..." She continued to stare out the window, a vacant gaze.
I put my arms around her and she leaned back into me, squeezed my arm. "Something feels off," she commented.
"I don't know. It's like a heaviness. Do you feel it?" She spun around to look up at me. There were wrinkles around her eyes. Little crow's feet, spreading out around the corners.
"Mar? You okay? You look... tired," I frowned, looking down at her. She was only nineteen. Those hadn't been there that morning.
"I was just thinking the same thing about you." She gestured to the mirror. I staggered over to it, seeing the hollows under my eyes. My cheeks were drooping a little, like I had somehow turned the clock forward by a few years.
"Jesus," I took a step back, startled by my own reflection.
"What's going on?" Marina was studying the backs of her hands, which were beginning to prune up.
"Maybe it's the lighting." I walked into the hallway, where the overhead light was beaming down through the deep autumn early evening dark. The golden mirror at the end of the hall reflected my sallow skin, the creases around my mouth, the puffy jowls that had somehow formed in mere hours.
Marina gasped as she joined me. "What is going on?" We studied our aged faces.
We could hear Ron and Caitlin preparing dinner in the kitchen. Marina was almost afraid to go face them, wondering aloud if she should put some makeup on. "We're probably just tired," I attempted to explain.
"I've rested more this past month than I have in so long," Marina said. "I mean, I guess it could have caught up with me. We barely slept while we were on the road." She was still poking at her skin, at the tiny divots.
"You still look beautiful, Mar." I leaned down and kissed her, feeling a hint of panic. Things had been so good. It was so real that now I liked to imagine that whatever had happened to us was just from paranoia and lack of sleep. I knew deep down that it wasn't true, but it was easy to pretend. Easy to slip inside of that reality and occupy it fully.
We walked down the hall tentatively, about to see if Ron and Caitlin needed any help with dinner. Marina gasped as we turned the corner. Ron's hair had turned from a dark blonde to a silvery gray, with the hairline receded up his forehead. Caitlin still had her back to us, chopping vegetables.
"Oh my God," Marina said.
"What's up?" Ron looked at us, his face looking like he was approaching his mid-forties.
I hesitated to say anything, because he seemed unfazed. Caitlin swept around with the sliced carrots and added them to the soup they were making. Her face had become more mature, that of a mid-twenty-something rather than a teenaged girl.
They both talked jovially, making jokes and chatting about their days. Caitlin went on about her high school basketball team, even as her face continued to age, dissolving into that of a thirty year old woman.
As the meal was finally served up in bowls and placed before us, Ron's sallow skin was sagging. He sat down at the head of the table. A beard had begun to sprout from his chin, growing down, gray and wiry.
"We're aging slower than they are," Marina commented under her breath. She still looked the same as she had in the hall mirror. Meanwhile, Ron and Caitlin seemed to gain five years every time we glanced away.
"They seem fine mentally," I commented.
"What's that, cuz? Wine? Can't legally give you wine," Ron joked. "How about some soda?" He appeared like Gandalf, with wizened face and long graying beard dangling down to his stomach. I couldn't look away from his skin, the jagged crevasses of wrinkles, the colorless tone, the pockets of flesh that hung down his cheeks.
Caitlin, too, was turning gray now. Her long hair was streaked with silver, and her face resembled that of a crone. Her lips were shriveling, disappearing into the center of her mouth like she had sucked a lemon. A heavy feeling was hanging over the whole room. Marina and I noticed it; it didn't seem like my cousins could. It was palpable and thick, like all the joy had disappeared from life. My limbs were heavy. I could move them, but I could also feel myself growing older.
Marina and I were aging, but at a much slower rate than Caitlin and Ron. I could feel my joints aching, the gradual decline of my body becoming more apparent every few minutes.
Marina stood up so suddenly that she knocked her chair over. Caitlin rose to help her, like a gray witch with gnarled clawlike hands. Dark spots appeared on the skin of Caitlin's once young face. She hobbled to get the chair, her back hunched and her posture shaky.
"I'm s-sorry," Marina stammered, backing out of the room as the impossibly old cousins stared at us. Ron was now slumped over his soup. He had stopped responding, was now so old that his skin had lost all shade. His eyes were disappearing in the vast network of wrinkles. His beard was lying in his soup bowl, continuing to grow like a silver spiderweb.
Marina, now appearing in her mid-forties, ran back down the hall. I followed her, jogging at a comfortable pace for my new body. "Mar?"
She was crying in our private bathroom, sitting on the edge of the claw foot tub. "This heaviness. This feeling... it's too much."
I sat beside her. Our reflections in the mirror showed me a glimpse of what we might look like someday, the pair of us pushing fifty. That would have been something to aspire to, but right now it left me feeling sick.
"Johnny, it's Saturn," she realized. "The god of time," her green eyes glowed, the same green eyes as always. I held fast to them, trying not to see the illusion of her aging face around them. It was an illusion; it had to be.
We heard a crash in the other room. Marina and I got up and ran back to find Caitlin, collapsed on the floor, a white-haired woman with the body of a wrinkled prune. Ron was unmoving at the head of the table, appearing older than time itself.
"We... we can't stay here," Marina cried. "We tried, but the spirits are after us. Ron and Caitlin don't deserve this. They were only trying to help us."
"Marina," I pleaded, watching as cobwebs grew up around my once twenty-four year old cousin.
"We have to leave."
Somehow, somewhere in me, I knew she was right. The feeling in the air preceded our decision. It held sway over everything. It was darkness and coldness and the sensation of being utterly alone. We staggered to the room and began to pack our things, our bodies now that of sixty year olds.
"Saturn!" Marina sobbed into the room. "What do you want from us? How can we help you?"
The answer came like a knowing, the way you know the sky is blue or that 2 + 2 = 4. A fact, more than a belief, something as sure as anything else.
-You are shirking your responsibility. You do not get to enjoy yourself. I'm looking at you, Johnny. You do not get the gold at the end of the rainbow. You have not yet paid your debt.
We both heard it, we both knew it to be true. The fact came wrapped like a bundle. As I followed the train of thought, more knowledge unfolded. I knew if we left that the effects of aging would be gone. Ron and Caitlin would be fine. If we stayed, that seemed to remain a mystery. I hurried as fast as my old body would go and we grabbed what we could carry in our backpacks.
We staggered down the hall. It felt like we might not make it. The heavy feeling was weighing us down, slowing our steps. My limbs felt like they were made of lead. Devastated, we hobbled out the front door, my own beard growing down my chest in a shade of mottled silver.
My white-haired Marina was ahead. Two steps across the lawn and she fell to her knees. "Johnny," she cried in a voice plagued with age. We weren't going to make it.
I bowed down to get her. My back ached and my muscles screamed. I grabbed her frail body in my sagging arms and hauled us forward across the freezing lawn. Pleading to whatever higher power might be out there, I used my last ounce of strength to roll with Marina over the edge of the property, into the street beyond. My eyes closed. It felt so easy to slip away, to ride into the blackness. To give in to the end, to leave this ancient body behind.
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2021.12.06 18:50 SomeoneTookMyCake Angry Mother Sniper Of Bad Children

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2021.12.06 18:50 janga76 Sanguine nightmare

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2021.12.06 18:50 KeckyOK Jimmy walked to school on Thanksgiving but realized it was closed, so he played around at the park before walking home around noon.

When he got home, he noticed the only car in the driveway was his uncle's, apparently Mom and Dad must have gone shopping or something. He walked around to the back door and when he came in, he could hear voices coming from the kitchen.
Quietly, he walked up to the doorway and could hear his aunt and uncle talking..
"How do you want me to do it, like this?" asked his Uncle Bob. Aunt Mary replied, "Ooh yeah, that's perfect.. just like that. Stuff it all the way in, really deep. Fill it all the way!"
While his Aunt and Uncle were chuckling to themselves and going "Mmmm" and "Yeah", Jimmy's curiosity got the better of him and he just had to peek around the corner to catch a glimpse of what was going on in the kitchen at noon on a Thanksgiving with nobody home...
Aunt Mary was chopping potatoes. Uncle Bob was unceremoniously scooping handfuls of stuffing out of a bowl and putting his whole fist into a large raw bird.
It was quite an auntie-climax.
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