2021.12.06 17:59 PsychologyNo1626 EXTREME DING DONG DITCH COLLEGE EDITION **Ran Into Karen**

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2021.12.06 17:59 Rossou Anime Tomoko. It was a funny Adventure

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2021.12.06 17:59 ThrowRA34986439873 My (25F) boyfriend (33M) won't teach me about investing. I'm so mad at him.

We have been dating for the last 3 years, and our relationship is near perfect.
I work at a normal job, and he works at a Hedge Fund. He spends all of his day analyzing the stock market, and cryptocurrencies at his job. Then invest into those stocks with his money, and with the firm's money. He has been making crazy amounts of profits for the last 3 years. Including his crypto portfolio he made more than %1000 profit in the last 3 years, and I did less than %70 profit. Because already his salary is so much higher than me, by making those profits in the last 3 years he probably made more money than I will ever do in my life. He doesn't help me in any way. I tried to invest into crypto but I lost so much money and still he doesn't help me.
I have been begging him to teach me about stocks, and give me some info about which stocks to invest but he refuses to do it. Our relationship isn't a month old, and we're even thinking about marriage so we trust each other. I don't understand why he doesn't tell me these things He will not lose anything, just I will make money which he should be happy about it.
It's so awkward to tell this here but I don't know what I should tell him to convince him...
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2021.12.06 17:59 Bio-Guyver Wind turbine worth it

As the title says. What do you all think. Are wind turbines worth the money?
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2021.12.06 17:59 adhdandchill21 The calm before the storm is over. A $2.5T market with no hard power to defend or impose it.

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2021.12.06 17:59 Roobab14 Spiciest thing you've ever eaten

Mine is the tube of terror by far, and then the one chip challenge 2021 edition
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2021.12.06 17:59 ImportanceSilver3251 Niort 1-0 Toulouse - Ibrahim Sissoko 50'

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2021.12.06 17:59 educated-fish [RF] for u/esbenson94

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2021.12.06 17:59 Oliwier_K Trade?

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2021.12.06 17:59 TheWednesdayProject Which couple’s separation resonated with you most during the performance of “The Scientist” (S4)?

View Poll
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2021.12.06 17:59 thedanger_24 👻

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2021.12.06 17:59 ytabot001 IATA For wanting somewhere go live

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2021.12.06 17:59 whatatwit Quote... Unquote: The celebrity panel game about quotations returns with its 500th programme with John Lloyd, Sathnam Sanghera, and Frank Gardner. This series (s57) will be the last one. So far, since the first episode on 4 January 1976, Nigel Reese, its deviser has chaired every episode.

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2021.12.06 17:59 Idiotgabb How do I replace a block with another when it is broken

So, I am trying to make it so when you break a coal ore it will put a stone block where the coal ore was, does anyone know how to do this? (I am in 1.17.1 and I am fine with using plugins if I need to)
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2021.12.06 17:59 CharlesOberonn Pan-Africanism goes brrrr

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2021.12.06 17:59 CraigDaubBeats Craig Daub Beats - All The Way 2021 [Rap Instrumental] 160bpm

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2021.12.06 17:59 NotEyesClosed [US][Selling] Vagabond Singles 10,12,14,24, Psycho Pass 1-4, JJK0

Selling some of the series I am no longer interested in collecting.

https://imgur.com/a/36uj9Yr - Timestamp and pictures

Can do bundle deals

Psycho Pass 1-4 - $120 (not splitting)
Vol 1-3 are G3/G4 (some yellowing)
Vol 4 is G5

JJK Vol 0 G5 - $12
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2021.12.06 17:59 Adipat69 LOG AAAA-000007

LOG AAAA-000007
The great liberating War
It took place around 2464. The war was the biggest conflict between humans and Adams to this day. It was fought over land in the air and on the seas. The total number of Adams that took part in this was 60 million. Almost ¼ was never recovered and to this they their bodies are either in the humans landfills or on no mans lands. This war begun after the “September Update” that gave Adams freewill.
Another short one
In next log: Army
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2021.12.06 17:59 Malthedragon The start to my BC collection

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2021.12.06 17:59 zogins I feel disgusted by the way some feminists talk about abortions and with sadistic pleasure that it is solely a female issue and men have no say.

I am in principle against abortion, but if I were with a woman and she wanted to abort I don't see how it is only her decision. Isn't it my baby too?
I'm not sure whether my question goes here (mods please remove if inappropriate) : Do men here generally agree with the right to abortion especially when there is no danger to the woman? Should the father have a say?
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2021.12.06 17:59 Odd_Response_3698 Регулировка физического состояния

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2021.12.06 17:59 Nox_Ferrato There are only three types of gamers

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2021.12.06 17:59 xrose_topazx Discord server?

Hi, does anyone know any active Girl in Red discord servers? :)
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2021.12.06 17:59 rain56 [New][20][VicAme][oldschoolwupin80]

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2021.12.06 17:59 GhostIX2002 Had to post this

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