State of our subreddit, December 2021; ongoing issues; thanks for reading!

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2021.12.06 16:49 koalajoey State of our subreddit, December 2021; ongoing issues; thanks for reading!

Hey guys, it's been a while since I've done one of these are there are a few lingering issues going on here on the subreddit that need addressed, so let's jump into it.
First, some stats for you all regarding the work the mod team has done over the past 30 days (and I chose 30 days because temp bans are generally for 30 days, so any further back than that and I can't give you guys accurate stats about banning).

  1. 69 comments have been removed (this includes spam comments and rule violations).
  2. 22 posts have been removed.
  3. 13 users have been banned. Of the 13, 12 of these bans were permanent, meaning the users egregiously violated the rules. The violations resulting in bans were spam, sourcing and violations of rule 3.
If people are interested in these types of stats, I'd be happy to post about them more often. Only the moderators can see these stats in the moderator log. Normal users cannot see them on their end.
Now, for the stuff I wanna touch base on:
  1. The mod team is a team. None of the moderators are acting in a vacuum without the other moderators being aware. We can check on what other moderators are doing via the moderation log (where we can see every single action another mod has taken, even if they undo the action) and we have a private discussion area in modmail as well for discussion about more complicated stuff. Some users seem to think some moderators are unaware of what the other moderators are doing, or that the other moderators will be interested in firing other mods. Trying to split us up isn't gonna work for ya, because as I said, we are a team that works together. Sorry to burst your bubble on that.
  2. The moderators are NOT employees of reddit. We are (unpaid) volunteers. As such, none of us lives on reddit all the time (and none of us probably follow a routine schedule for it either). It may take some time for moderators to see reports/answer questions from users. Please be patient.
  3. I notice we have a lot of users who use our subreddit only lately. Please, if you're not familiar with reddit in general, check out this post on what is and is not good Reddiquette when using the website.
  4. Please assume other users are posting in good faith, unless there is objective evidence to the contrary. So often I see posts like "people are treating me like an idiot" or "so-and-so is following me around being disrespectful" and when I look at the posts in question - I don't see ANY objective evidence of this. Mods look for objective evidence when removing posts. We wanna be able to point to the problem behavior and notify you to correct it. Somebody commenting on your posts is NOT stalking. Someone disagreeing with you is NOT being rude. Somebody being abrupt is NOT disrespectful. For anyone having trouble understanding rule #3, please ask, and I will be happy to give examples I have seen below of what has or has not resulted in a removal to attempt to clarify. Stuff that WILL be removed: calling other users abusive names; calling people on methadone "prisoners"; telling other users to overdose/kill themselves, or that their family/friends would be better off without them. Stuff like that.
  5. IF your comment is removed, like, dude. Take the lick and learn from it, and just do better next time. We're all adults. None of us probably has a perfectly level even temper all of the time. It happens. Arguing with moderators about decisions that have already been made is not likely to be fruitful in your favor. Ordinarily if I'm not sure about a comment, I just leave it anyway. A removal reason should be given with every comment/post removal. If you did not receive an explanation for whatever reason, please reach out via modmail. I've noticed once or twice I've typed out an explanation and then forgotten to hit submit, and I would be happy to clarify for anyone who would like more clarity.
  6. One removed comment won't result in a ban, unless the violation is particularly egregious (ex: calling people "retard", "nigger", telling someone to kill themselves, spammy spam, stuff like that). However, if you have been previously warned about violations before, and you commit more violations of the same rule again, YES, you will be in danger of being banned, and the ban may be temporary or permanent based on the violation in question. You can whine to admin about this all you'd like. They're not gonna "fire" moderators because you broke the rules and got banned because of it ;) If you don't wanna be banned, I suggest you familiarize yourself with the rules (and really, guys... they aren't asking that much, frankly) and make sure you follow them.
  7. I also see lotsa people commenting about how people disrespect them on the subreddit, but we aren't getting a lot of reports from users. I get like, maybe 2-3 reports a week. Most violations I see are from reading threads myself, and I don't read every single thread. PLEASE use the report button. It helps so much. In case people weren't aware, the reports are ANONYMOUS. We can't see who made them. And they don't automatically REMOVE comments, either. They just flag them for review, and we can make an action or not. So even if you're not sure, if you think it may violate a rule, hit the button for me :)
  8. On that note, you are not entitled to know what actions are taken against other users. If your comment got removed, and theirs did not, you can assume one of two things: that their comment may not have been reported, so we did not see it (please use the report button for comments that you think break the rules, we are not omniscient); or their comment did not meet the criteria for a removal, and yours did. Furthermore, whether there's do or not, if your comment was removed, it was for good reason. Focus on your own behavior, hit the report button if it's warranted and stop engaging with assholes.
I think that's about all I got. Our subreddit is growing rapidly, and we've had a lot of new people join lately. From our traffic stats, it looks like we are getting about 50,000 more pageviews a month than we were in January of this year, so that's a lot. Be patient with new users, and kind. That's what brought me here, and why I stay, and I'm sure is the case for some of you guys too.
If this post sounds a little snarky, it is because I am primarily focusing on ongoing issues. But I love this subreddit, and the people in it. Most of you guys are truly a joy to know, even online, and most of you bring a lot to our community.
I hope everyone has a happy holiday, however you choose to celebrate (or not! which is perfectly acceptable too). I haven't even started my Christmas shopping yet, so I'm really far behind this year. u/schaea has a Christmas giveaway for the subreddit which hopefully he will post for you guys in the next few days :)
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2021.12.06 16:49 mrtilsby This Should've Been Space Jam 2 (OC)

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2021.12.06 16:49 TheUvee Co op question

Can both players be different characters in co op, or is player 2 automatically a copy of player 1? I’m asking cause if we can choose different characters I want to beat the special edition on switch first so on my friends first playthrough one of us can be the original drifter and the other can be the alt drifter.
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2021.12.06 16:49 Camblyarevile A Cambly Review From an Old Timer

I don't really know what to say after reading some of the stories on here today. I guess I should feel lucky that they haven't just randomly fired me like they have to lots of others and then decided to withhold their wages.
Why am I writing this? Well, because if anyone reading this is thinking of joining Cambly, I would literally get on my knees and beg you not to! And below is why.
I guess i've come on here to vent too. It's therapeutic! I'm ashamed to say that I've been making money for this atrocious company for a while and I can safely say that I've never experienced anything like it in my life before..
I'm rattling my brain but i can't think of one thing that cambly has done for its tutors in the time I've worked there apart from upload some truly embarrassing lessons. Yet, what they ask for is slowly more and more. And this is shown in the tutor guide which some of you might notice gets updated every few hours or so.
Once, I noticed that they started suggesting that you contact students that don't show (thus no money) and try and get them to rebook! Or if you don't like the student, you should go onto cambly corner and try and find them a new tutor. I think it takes a special sort of human to think like this!
Something else I've noticed is that they're always ridiculously nice to you. I don't like it. It's false and blatantly fake as they treat you like a turd when it comes to actual actions.
In truth, this company should be kicked out of Australia and The Uk as it simply doesn't meet the minimum wage requirements.
On top of this, i'm paying between $10-$15 just to receive my salary every week. A minimum of $500 per year. I know this isn't Cambly's problem but that's exactly why they've taken years and years and still not done anything to address it.
The best one for me though was the other day when i noticed that if you finish the lesson a few seconds early, they'll have that last minute off of you! Like 0.17cents. Of course they do this thousands of times a day I'm sure.
Imagine if it was a human trying to pinch 17cents from you? You'd look at them as if they were crazy. It's beyond repsulsive. And if this is the future of employment. Kill me now.
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2021.12.06 16:49 KPMG Congratulations everyone, ya really blew it this time.

First, read this:
Done? Great. Let's recap the juicy bits:

Many in the scientific community have pointed out that the contents of the Knowledge Core, around which the Scriveners’ entire culture is based, will now remain a mystery.
Translation: Whatever was in that core, we're not gonna find out anytime soon. Thanks for helping NOT reveal this mystery, everyone who assisted the Scriveners.
There are rumours that this tribe of academic researchers have acquired data about the Guardians during their decades of wandering, which was perhaps the real prize sought by Orion University.
Translation: We missed out on a treasure trove of data about the Guardians. You know, the Guardians? Ancient alien civilization, fought the Thargoids, vanished while leaving only a handful of scattered ruins? Maybe got themselves annihilated by their own Artificial Intelligence, which is very likely still out there planning stars know what? One of the game's big mysteries? But I guess helping out some thankless space hobos is cool, too.
Concerns have also been raised about the Scriveners’ chances of survival if they encounter hostile forces. Had the Scientia Aeterna megaship been allowed to accompany the dredger, it could have offered protection or at least called for assistance.
Translation: The Scriveners are going to get blown to smithereens in an upcoming event, and if we're really, REALLY lucky, we'll get to pick through the wreckage and salvage that data core after all. I really hope those inbred wandering lunatics get what's coming to them.
Now that the Scriveners Clan have resumed a solitary existence, their fate is once again entirely in their hands...
Translation: They are SUPER dead.
Just, please, next time there's a Community Goal where the options are revealing a mystery or not revealing a mystery? Can we maybe push to explore these mysteries? (I'm also still extremely salty over the fact that we had an opportunity to unmask Salvation but the community decided not to.)
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2021.12.06 16:49 k_devin Shows next event, can’t open it. And last asset won’t download. Hopefully it’s the next lethal 🤞🏼

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2021.12.06 16:49 Backfrointer Two questions: 1 How to turn off vibrations? 2 How to set something on my car only to one team (like only to orange version)

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2021.12.06 16:49 getitoffmychestpleas The work of an acorn woodpecker

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2021.12.06 16:49 freedai [q] Could be worth buying a souvenir covert from the packages right now?

I was planning getting one, but im not too sure about the demand of them... what do you think?
Dust 2, mirage, vertigo,... ?
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2021.12.06 16:49 KimPubb [Video] Mel Robbins' advice on how to be successful

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2021.12.06 16:49 Jedi-Guy [Help][Xbox][Ds3] Papa Sulyvahn NG+2

Would love a dancing partner.
Pw is 1911, drop sign by boss fog!
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2021.12.06 16:49 foxvoxpower look at the glory of God's creation (post fixed)

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2021.12.06 16:49 Sea-Marsupial-9414 Caridina tankmates?

I have an established Caridina tank, which is heavily planted. Are there any nano fish that are known to be compatible? I have been researching but wanted to see if anyone here had success.
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2021.12.06 16:49 ToggleHD Can someone ID?

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2021.12.06 16:49 NTDanny Uruha Rushia

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2021.12.06 16:49 DornishDelight Envy's Victor thought he was 'dreaming' after testing positive for COVID-19

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2021.12.06 16:49 Feldifo Wells Fargo Refunded my Visa Card Stake

I staked $4,000 CRO at the top a few weeks ago. I know it was withdrawn from my wells fargo account because I increased the daily spend limit to do it, and I saw that $4,000 had indeed been withdrawn from my account. However, I just looked today and there is no evidence that the transaction took place...However, I still have the CRO staked and my card is on the way.

Does anyone have any insights into this?
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2021.12.06 16:49 lordpeepaw leveling mercenary

guys, how does the xp work on the merc and how can i level him up. i need 1 more level. traded holy freeze for defense merc and no i gotta put a damn str gem in my andy again to wear my fort.
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2021.12.06 16:49 LostBaloneyRockstar Ziplock by Saba but it's just my voice

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2021.12.06 16:49 Chubzz1129 Crucible tokens are replaced by rank now?

Accidentally deleted all my crucible tokens but they're useless now anyways right? I wanna make sure
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2021.12.06 16:49 xtitcher [FO] Lisa Simpson (credit to SerenaArt for the pattern)

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2021.12.06 16:49 Glum_Equivalent_9806 Just a quick idea on how to socialize car insurance.

So I was thinking on how we could socialize car insurance reducing the cost and lowering unneeded Emissions. Why don't we tax gas prices and put those profits into an insurance deal? Gas prices would go up but then people wouldn't need to cover the cost of insurance and I mean most accidents do happen in vehicles driving while consuming fuel so why don't we just insure vehicles being driven? Of course you can still buy insurance for other things and better coverage. I don't know what do you think?
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2021.12.06 16:49 Bagel-Jesus 32533

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2021.12.06 16:49 Vexwyvern Why is halo infinite stealing from other games?

Apparently halo is actually stealing from apex, fortnite and more games. Halo actually stole most of its weapons from apex and war frame, they stole jumping and spartans from fortnite. Just why would they do this? They stole guns from every other shooter, they stole plasma grenades from star wars, they even stole the energy sword and gravity hammer from apex and fortnite. Master chief also got stolen from fortnite. Fortnite came out with master chief first.
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2021.12.06 16:49 g30R9e Business mileage from employees own vehicle

Hi, like many others I use my personal vehicle for work and receive the government recommended 45p for 10k miles then 25p following that. Due to the ongoing fuel price rises are these government figures likely to increase? Have they increased in the past inline with fuel prices ? I know my company could offer extra, but realistically they're only ever going to keep to the guidance.. what are the tax implications for my employer and me if I were to ask for a higher allowance, or is that not even possible?
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