looking for apartments

2022.01.17 01:41 goodgrass24 looking for apartments

trying to look for a 1 br apartments, found really nice ones on the websites but they are all unavailable. How can I find a nice apartment with a good price?
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2022.01.17 01:41 potatopandatv Uploading let’s play videos for games you end up not liking or are having difficulty playing

Hi everyone.
I have a question I have my on opinions that I wanted to get opinions from others on.
What would you recommend doing if you’re uploading let’s plays for a video game you either don’t like (and it’s readily apparent in videos you don’t like the game) or you get to a point in a video game where it’s too difficult to get past?
I’ve recently had this come up with a couple games I’ve been doing let’s plays for. I’ve already done several videos in the series. But, in both games, I just got to a point where I got stuck in a mission and couldn’t get past them. I’ve also had this happen with other games in the time I’ve been doing let’s plus.
Personally, I’m at the point where I think it’s sort of a detriment to my channel to upload videos of myself struggling through a mission where I repeated attempt and fail a mission to the point of raging. I also think it would be a detriment to upload videos of me playing games where I am visibly board/uninterested with a game, even one I’ve already uploaded videos for.
What do you think?
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2022.01.17 01:41 rexboss007 Ameya

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2022.01.17 01:41 zelk69 Chapter 1037: Ending Theory

I think the DF the Goresei were so surprised by was Big Moms. Im pretty sure she hasn’t done anything too extraordinary with hers. It would also explain why it hasn’t been “awakened for centuries” since it was Mothers fruit and she was pretty chill with it. Though I also think the fruit could be something completely random.
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2022.01.17 01:41 turbov6camaro anyone else notice it looks like imperial battle cruiser from Star Wars?

I was looking at photos in my feed and popped into my head lol
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2022.01.17 01:41 Few_Association9675 Unless you plan to jet off with the white stool, this picture reeks of bratty and entitled prick! Sure daddy’s princess has money, but no basic civilian manners!

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2022.01.17 01:41 aprilcot9 hello! looking for a font similar to this tattoo? (slightly thinner would be good but not necessary)

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2022.01.17 01:41 daybanheyman id like to see more stuff about if hell was a planet. its an interesting concept.

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2022.01.17 01:41 axnsley I really don’t know what is up with this lobe piercing? Infected?

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2022.01.17 01:41 LaCipe Undeniable PROOF, see ya in court mr. Kavkav

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2022.01.17 01:41 Mathyu03 Utami | Ice Nine Kills - Merry Axe-Mas [TheMefisto's Extra] +HD,DT (Blitzifyyy | 8.34⭐️) 98.75% FC #3 | 823pp | 94.66 cv. UR

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2022.01.17 01:41 don_clay My CVS was shoplifted tonight by a group of guys and my boss made us finish our shift.

Theres only two of us in the store at night, me (the manager) and the cashier. A group of 3 guys came in and ransacked our cough medicine section and I called the police and followed them out. One of them charged at me twice but I backed up to avoid being hit. Afterwards I called my manager and said we were both shook up and wanted to leave but was told "well if you guys wanted to leave I'd have to come and I'm in my pajamas and really don't want to go out." I'm 21yo and my coworker is 16yo and we were told "now that they've done this they'll probably come back every other week, it's no big deal"
What the fuck... I'm still shook and I might put in my two week notice and see if I can sue CVS for disregard to safety and trauma.
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2022.01.17 01:41 jambrilliant45 Who had the better decade?

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2022.01.17 01:41 amnesiac7 Liz Cheney’s Wyoming Nemesis Is an Oath Keeper Who Was at Capitol Rally

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2022.01.17 01:41 Willing-Clock-8884 LUCY - Trailer 2014 (HD) Scarlett Johansson. Morgan Freeman. Swedish

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2022.01.17 01:41 Mhehnon Problems with Windows.old folders.

I recently reinstall Windows 10 on my SSD but i still had Windows 10. Now i'm stuck with a folder (windows.old) with 900gb in data. Can i recover it in my new windows installation? Should i delete it? Right now i can't access Internet because "Windows could not detect a properly installed Network Adapter". I tried Network Reset without success. What should i do? TY!
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2022.01.17 01:41 PixelJack79 Black to Move, Breaking the Deadlock

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2022.01.17 01:41 BensonTheGuy Looking for Diancie, phione, and Manaphy to complete my national dex. If you send them to me I’ll return them and give you a kubfu to show my gratitude.

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2022.01.17 01:41 kcsunflowers Instagram Promotions?

i’ve only done them when i’ve received credits from instagram to use them, do you find instagram promotions worth it? i run a dog bandana shop and i added a hoodie and bandana bundle into my shop that i think will do pretty good, i just want to drive more traffic to my shop. any tips on marketing or promotions? thank you!
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2022.01.17 01:41 dandylien gave me major ace vibes idk

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2022.01.17 01:41 Tiara87 (JAPAN) Offer

If you’re looking for a Japanese (日本語)manga and it’s easy to acquire in Japan (like Amazon Japan) but not easy to acquire in your country, I can purchase and ship it to you for a small fee. (This is not strictly buy/sell/trade but I still believe it fits within the parameters of this sub.)
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2022.01.17 01:41 ApprehensiveAd6181 The Destiny/Destiny 2 Fanbase is super toxic to new players/players as a whole and when I posted this in the Destiny subreddit they just proved my case 😂 hilariously ironic. They’re not doing anything to change my mind, in fact they’re reminding me of why I hate humanity and it’s great, Imaooo

Original players are super toxic to new players. Original players act like they’re superior to new players to the point that even Bungie themself made some kind of achievement for ‘saving new lights’ in the new activity ‘Dares of Eternity’ so basically Destiny is encouraging the original players to develop a savior complex just because they were there from the beginning. And the fact that original players call new players ‘Kinderguardians’ is super demeaning, like they literally don’t consider new players an actual Destiny player until they have like 100 hours in, they basically gatekeep being a fan of the game until like I said you have 100 hours in. And half of the original players assume new players don’t know ANYTHING about the game even if you have like 70 hours in, they like to act like new players are dumb towards both Destiny and video games in general and it’s gotten to the point that I don’t even try to find fireteams for specific missions anymore because I know any original players that might join the fireteam will most likely be super toxic towards me because I’m newer to the game. The original fanbase pretends to be welcoming and kind towards new players but they just like to show off to, invalidate, and even ignore new players. Especially if you’re female. And it drives me absolutely crazy. So yeah Destiny ain’t the most friendly or welcoming to new players, which is ironic because they complain that new players are super rare. Hmm…I wonder why, original fanbase? 🤔
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2022.01.17 01:41 myhatrules “Eat Me!”- Lady Camden’s Adventures in Candyland

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2022.01.17 01:41 StepDownTA About three weeks into TSM. Do I *have* to keep drinking regularly?

If I can stop drinking for an extended period after just a few weeks of TSM, can I just... keep it up, and just make sure to use the Nal before any session in the future? I'm felt like I was getting to the point where drinking seemed like homework, prepping for the class final that is pharmacological extinction.
After heavy, almost daily drinking for over a decade, I managed to go completely alcohol free for about 2 years. I'd tried various programs in the past, but wasn't using anything besides effort for that stretch. I then picked back up again two years ago and have have few-month stretches in between. Most recently I've been drinking heavily and almost daily and heavily for about 6 months.
At the end of last month I started the TSM, with 50mg of Naltrexone. My logs showed an initial increase in drinking by a few drinks/day, then fluctuated back to my norm. After a week I started adding 25mg if/when I was still drinking 6-8 hours after the first 50mg.
After intentionally tapering down my drinking over a few days to avoid w/d, today is the second day in a row I haven't had anything to drink and haven't taken any Naltrexone.
While I am interested in using TSM to reach pharmacological extinction of the alcohol/reward association, the point of that interest is of course to reduce alcohol consumption. My personal goal is to maintain zero consumption until I reach certain weight, fitness, and strength goals, THEN permitting myself an occasional, social drink.
It also stands to reason that, all other things being equal, a day not drinking alcohol/taking Naltrexone would, necessarily, be a healthier day than a day doing so, by every medical measure.
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2022.01.17 01:41 PvtJohnTowle BF2042 FOR GOTY AWARD!!

Pathological lying, also known as mythomania and pseudologia fantastica, is a mental disorder in which the person habitually or compulsively lies. The reason for such lies often serves no obvious purpose other than to paint oneself as a hero or victim depending on the circumstance..
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